Radiant Heat Plates

Profile Metal Forming manufactures Radiant Heat Plates for use in radiant heat flooring systems. The plates can be made from aluminum or galvanized steel. The 5/8" ID channel is designed to accept 1/2" PEX tubing.

The plates have a unique profile where the 'U' Channel partially closes to 230 degrees. This feature makes for easier installation because the PEX tubing snaps in and stays in place. Also, the channel increases surface area contact between the plate and the PEX tubing, resulting in improved heat transfer.

Channel ID: 0.625" (0.5" PEX snaps in place)
Thickness: 0.024" - 0.028"
Width: 5.75"
Length: 2' to 12'
Materials: Aluminum, Steel

Please call if you are a distributor interested in stocking this product.